About Us

Who Are We?

Motodeets.com is a content website that was created to inform people about everything to do with cars, trucks, and motoring in general. The editorial team is made up of myself (Bernard Walker) and some of my mechanically inclined colleagues. By reading through our website and glossing over the information we provide you’ll be up to date with the latest trends and products in the motoring world.

Our Aims:

We often encounter people who have fitted poor quality products to their vehicles that they later regret, ourĀ auto accessory guides aim to put an end to the struggle of not knowing which part to fit, or which engine oil to use. We know that these days budget is a concern for many, so we take this into account when creating the articles. We have made sure to include low budget options as well as mid range and high end options.

We do understand that there is already a vast amount of information available about which spark plug to fit, or which filter to use etc. The problem is that there’s so much out there it’s overwhelming to sort through it all and find the relevant information for your vehicle and your budget. So we’ve taken the time to do the work for you, using our in-depth research process to find only the best information about the best options available. We do somewhat rely on third parties to provide info but we aim to sift through it in order to find the gems and filter out the garbage. The end result that we aim for is accurate, unbiased and actionable information to help you make wise decisions and create safer roads.

Apart from just myself our team of writers consists of experts from a variety of different fields. There’s no shortage of hands on experience from these automotive specialists. Our process enables us to take an up close look at a mechanical problems from a new perspective in order to offer you the simplest and most efficient solution. We take into account things like the performance of your vehicle, its handling, longevity, and most importantly safety.

What Matters to Us?

Our belief is that our readers here at motodeets deserve quick and easy access to impartial and up to date informational articles about any problem they come across or any product they could wish to purchase for their vehicle. Our mission is to help inform the reader of all the ins and outs, and nuances about a product to make a wise purchase or mechanical decision for the vehicle.

About Bernard Walker

Hi there! My name’s Bernard Walker and I’m the chief editor at motodeets.com. I’ve been working as an automotive mechanic for the best part of the last 20 years. I’m located in the rural south of the US and grew up around cars and working on them. The idea to start motodeets came to me a while back when I couldn’t find any good information online about some parts for an old F150 of mine. Since then, out of that frustration I came up with the idea to solve this problem for people like me. Since starting this site I’ve got some fellow car enthusiasts and auto specialists onboard with this project to cover any area you could possibly want to learn about. If you want to get in touch or contribute your knowledge to our project please check out the contact us page.


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