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For your Honda Civic to perform well, you need to make use of the best engine oils available. In this article we will take an up-close look at some of the best options currently on the market. By the end of this article you should have a good understanding of the factors that you need to consider to make the right choice.

Top 3: Best Engine Oil Options for Honda Civic

1) AmazonBasics Motor Oil

This pack of engine oils is an original Amazon product that is produced by Amazon’s own stores. It is the AmazonBasics and comes with six packs of fully synthetic motor oil.

It is a great deal in that every bottle has one quart of synthetic engine oil, which will help to reduce exhaust emissions for your Honda Civic. For better performance of your Honda Civic, this is an amazing deal for engine oil. It will assist in the healthy functioning of your car, and it will make it more long-lasting.

This motor oil has been specifically designed in a way to protect the engine from deposit build-up in your motor. It will also be very useful in preventing rusting and corrosion in the motor.

Other than smooth performance and durability, this six pack oil will also keep your engine healthy by creating a protective layer on various parts of the engine. This coating is proven to be very useful as it drastically reduces friction and enhances strength.

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• Longer drains
• Highly resistant to thermal breakdown
• Prevent friction
• Reduces engine wear
• Reduces the build-up of deposits and sludge

For best performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

2) Castrol GTX Green Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Magnatec Motor Oil is specially engineered in order to give instant protection from the very moment the engine starts. This oil by Castrol is made after heavy research where they claim that most of the engine wear occurs when you just start the engine. They back their claim with scientific research that proves that 75% of damage occurs in the beginning. Later on, when the engine stops, the oil drains off while weakening the critical components.

However, you can ensure total engine safety by using Castrol Magnatec Motor Oil because of its powerful performance. This motor oil by Castrol makes an extra protective layer during the warm-up time when your engine just begins to function. That is the time where the engine needs the most protection. This will drastically reduce engine wear and tear. Moreover, it will keep all the crucial engine parts four times more smooth than any other motor oil. Lastly, it is also tested in industry sequence for the IVA wear test. Hence, it is proven to be safe for Honda Civic.


• Six bottles of premium oil by Castrol
• Each bottle has one quart
• Engine functioning is four times smoother
• Tested for the IVA wear test
• Prevents build-up of deposits and sludge

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3) Honda Genuine Oil + Changing Kit and Drain Washer

This oil by Honda is a very extensive set of premium motor oil that comes with five bottles of motor oil. Each bottle has one quart. What makes it an extensive and complete set is that it also includes a change kit. The charge kit has one pair of gloves and a dry oil pad, a paper towel, a genuine Honda oil filter, and finally, a drain plug washer. Unlike all other motor oils, this motor oil by Honda has exclusively been manufactured for Honda automobiles. Hence it is one of the best choices, especially for the Honda Civic.

Like every motor oil, this oil by Honda will also protect from friction between engine components. It will cover the engine parts with a strong protective layer of oil. It is a very high-quality oil that lubricates all parts along with cleaning the engine.

This oil is of very fine quality, and it will reduce the sludge build-up while taking good care of the engine against wear and tear. It is strongly formulated for reduced engine wear as it is a fully synthetic oil.


• Five pack
• Each bottle contains one quart
• Comes with a changing kit
• Protects from friction
• Promises to give a sludge-free life
• Best for Honda Civic

Features to consider when buying Oil for Honda Civic

Longer Drains

Only modern oil engineering can provide this facility of extended drain intervals. That’s because such oils are formulated with full or semi-synthetic oils. These synthetic oils are useful as they are going to prevent sludge and deposit formation. It is ideal for a modern vehicle like the Honda Civic to use such oils. That’s primarily because it has increased filter capacity.

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Reduced Friction

Other than friction being responsible for creating resistance, it also produces heat. Now, heat can do a lot of damage. Heat will expand the metal, which can damage the precise measurements done by the manufacturer. Just imagine how using poor-quality oil would create a disaster. Engine damage starts from a microscopic level, such as the wear-off of plastic and other metals. However, little by little, it leads to heavier damage, such as debris would shear off and other components would lose their functionality.

When each moving part is being damaged by friction, it badly hurts the engine performance. That may result in reduced mileage, heavy maintenance costs, increased emissions, and lower horsepower. Eventually, it would lead towards total engine loss because the majority of the components would wear down. Combine that heat with friction produced, and it makes the situation deteriorate rapidly.


When picking the right engine oil for your Honda civic you need to consider which viscosity of oil to buy. Viscosity essentially refers to the thickness of the oil, and depending on the climate and conditions where you will be driving you may need a thinner or thicker oil.


Engine oil is a very important component of any car, and the same applies to the Honda Civic. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you find a suitable oil for your Honda Civic, and you can utilize it to make your car perform better – and last longer!

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