which oil is best for the infiti g35

Best Oil for Infiniti G35 [FAQs, Top Picks & More]

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If you’re interested in finding the best engine oil for your infiniti g35 you’re in the right place. We’ re about to cover all you need to know in order to ensure that you don’t mess up and buy the wrong oil.

For a start you should understand that the majority of modern vehicles in most cases would function better if the oil was fully synthetic because it gives better gas mileage, and the G35 is no exception to this.

So you may want to plan on using an engine oil like fully synthetic 5W-30, which ensures that the engine will stay lubricated and functioning in colder or hotter conditions while keeping fuel use efficient. Such an oil will also promote smooth operation and less friction between the metal engine parts.

It is usually better to get a branded lubricant, as they tend to be more reliable and have proven themselves in the market. To make things easy, simply keep reading and you will find the best engine oil for your Infiniti G35 listed below.

Best Oil for Infiniti G35 – Top 5 Picks Reviewed

We have thoroughly checked all of the top engine oils available in order to come up with this list of the five best options available on the market at this current time for every price range.

Each of these products offers overall performance, and value for money. They also each have their own unique set of pros and cons, so read on to find out which is the right choice for you.

1) Castrol Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol SAE 5W-30 is defined with its Fluid Titanium Technology. This technology provides strong motor oil assistance for certain engines that operate harder because of higher temperatures. That puts a lot of pressure on the engine. Hence, it helps your engine to work like that while maximizing vehicle performance.

Castrol EDGE is one of Castrol’s finest engine oils. It is premium pure synthetic oil designed for consumers who desire the best performance from their cars while keeping their engines healthy. Top-of-the-line car manufacturers approve Castrol EDGE. This oil by Castrol is no regular oil, and it caters to the engine needs of cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and of course the infiniti g35.

This oil meets high temperature requirements like no other oil on the market. The Fluid Titanium Technology changes the oil’s behavior when it is under pressure. As a result (and due to the increased demand for strength and fuel economy), engines have evolved so much to cater to these needs in the last three decades. However, just transforming the engine might stress out the oil and would lead to more friction. Eventually, the engine performance goes down under these conditions. The pressure can go up to 10 tons per square centimeter. That is like many cars resting on a high heel that relies on a thin layer of oil.

Therefore, you need to understand the importance of a good engine oil to reduce friction and boost an engine’s horsepower and fuel economy. For fighting today’s increased pressure faced by the engine, Castrol’s patented Titanium Technology ensures excellent results in friction reduction. Additionally, its anti-wear properties ensure it does not wear out the engine.

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Is It Suitable for the Infiniti G35? The most acceptable engine oil for the Infiniti G35 is the Castrol SAE 5W-30 oil. As Castrol EDGE 5W-30 is currently the most advanced motor oil, if you want the best performance for your vehicle, then SAE 5W-30 is highly recommended. As said before, the formula features Fluid Titanium Technology, this formulation is the best to decrease direct metal-to-metal contact compared to any other options.

This oil is excellent for smooth engine operation, and it greatly enhances engine performance. So, this will eventually save you a lot of money that you were planning to spend on a new motor. This SAE 5W-30 oil is perfect to use for the Infiniti G35 as it meets all the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The viscosity is very suitable for all kinds of temperatures generally. However, if the temperature drops to 0°F, then you may switch to SAE 10W-30.

2) Castrol GTX High Mileage (5W-30)

Castrol GTX High Mileage motor oil is specially designed for those engines that go above 75,000 miles. However, it is not a fully synthetic engine oil. Instead, it is a mix of different synthetic oils that extend your engine’s life and protect it from sludge. The blend of oils is also very useful for preventing any burn-off to protect the emission system overall.

Castrol GTX High Mileage oil also exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty requirements regarding the applications which consider API SN and ILSAC GF-5. It also has advanced technology to keep the catalytic converter and emission system protected from wear-off and sludge. It’s a great option that is specifically formulated with a little phosphorous content, unlike other oils. As vehicles become old, their strong features grow weaker leading to costly repairs and replacements. For high mileage vehicles, the failure of the catalytic converter is one of the most commonly occurring problems and the most expensive repair.

Phosphorous is a “catalyst poison,” and mostly cheaper quality oils consist of high phosphorous content. That is primarily responsible for making the catalytic converter weak. Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil is liquid engineered for phosphorous replacement to replace most phosphorous content with other advanced additives that do not damage the catalytic converter and make it robust.

Other than the mileage, this oil has other additional features to offer too. It also improves fuel economy, and the additional additives make the engine powerful, preventing it from wearing down as fast.

This engine oil is a great choice for high mileage Infiniti G35s, but modern G35 engines would function better if the oil is fully synthetic because then it will give better gas mileage. The only drawback of Castrol GTX is that it is not made of full synthetic oil, which if your vehicle is high mileage isn’t actually a bad thing.

3) Mobil 1 ESP Motor Oil

Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 oil is a very advanced performing engine oil that gives promising results to keep engines clean. Hence, it has a strong cleaning power built into it which keeps the engine protected from getting worn out. Mobil 5W-30 is expertly designed to help increase the car’s life span while caring for the car’s emission system for both petroleum and diesel-fueled cars.

Mobil ESP Formula is a very strong synthetic motor oil made using proprietary blends of top-of-the-line ingredients. This formula is fully compatible with all the latest Diesel Particulate Filters along with Gasoline Catalytic Converters.

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Mobil synthetic motor oil is guaranteed to meet or even exceed all the requirements of modern vehicles. Mobil technology is standard equipment for many different vehicles, including high-performance vehicles like the infiniti g35. It is a promising formula for keeping the g35’s engine well lubricated and looked after – with a focus on keeping it clean.

4) Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Fully Synthetic oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Synthetic motor oil has to be one of the finest motor oils available on the market today. It is made of fully synthetic oil that works best for healthy engine life. It’s famous for outperforming other conventional oils in the market for high-temperature performance and stability.

Their fully synthetic motor oils are uniquely designed by revolutionary Pure Plus Technology. This converts natural gas into top quality synthetic base oil, and it is a patented process. Since it is produced using natural gas, the high-quality base oil may contain more impurities than other base oils made from crude oil. But the formula becomes better as soon as it is combined with some advanced additives. Hence, that makes it one of the best formulations in the market.

Pennzoil Ultra has been approved by the most distinguished car manufacturers such as Ferrari. It tends to exceed all the requirements that any engine would have, such as protection and cleanliness. Other than all those high end cars, it has also been very suitable for vehicles including trucks, vans, and anything using the infiniti g35 or similar engines.

Pennzoil SAE ultra Full Synthetic Motor Oil offers many other benefits, such as acting as an effective cleaner for pistons. It also benefits fuel economy because you can easily drive an extra 550 miles on average per year compared to the economy of a dirty engine.

This Oil also protects the engine against loss of power. Hence, the engine is safe from getting worn out and waste depositing at the bottom. It is one of the best motor oils for protection against friction as it keeps metals safely gliding apart. Therefore, you can be relieved that all the internal components of your engine are safe from friction as it can severely damage your engine’s health. It’s also suitable for operating your engine in a wide variety of different temperatures and climates.

5) Valvoline Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Lastly, this oil by Valvoline is an excellent choice too. It is made with fully synthetic oil that keeps the engine healthy and ensures the smooth functioning of other engine parts. It also protects the engine, ensuring that there is no wear, deposits, and excessive heat in it. What makes it different from other engine oils is that other than being fully synthetic, it is also formulated with durable additives. That makes the oil stronger and boosts engine performance. Hence, the engines health and longevity is further extended.

Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil gives advanced protection for vehicles that are used all day long. The oil is well researched and designed with extra added substances to bring further innovation to the market. It is also well designed to protect the engine from extreme weather conditions.

It has a lot of engine cleaning properties too. Because of various additives included in the ingredients, it makes sure to protect from sludge and deposit formation throughout the integral parts of the engine. Overall it is another decent choice for the infiniti g35.

Buying Motor Oil for your Infiniti G35

engine oil buying guide for the infiniti g35

In the above list we have gone through some of the top picks available on the market for your infiniti G35’s engine. If you’re in a rush you can just pick one of those listed above and rest assured you will have made a decent choice! But to ensure that you get the right oil for your specific engines requirements you should read on through our buyers guide below. We will go over many of the key points that you need to consider before you make any definite buying decision.

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Each engine manufacturer lists specific oil requirements including oil grade, viscosity, etc – the G35 is no different. So take a look at these well thought out tips in order to keep your engine performing well and in top shape for years to come!

Stock Grade Engine Oil for Infiniti G35

The G35 is recommended to be supplied with 5w-30 grade engine oil. This is great advice generally, but not in all cases. The 5w30 oil is mostly suitable for lower temperature climates in terms of performance. If you want higher performance in a hot climate then opt for something like 10w-30 instead.

Infiniti, the manufacturer, recommends not using oils with additives. Again, this is good advice in a general sense but only provided that you stick to regular maintenance schedules. Oils with additives in other cases may help prolong the life of your engine.

Type of Oil (Viscosity etc)

There are a huge amount of different engine oils available on the market today. The key figure to look at when trying to sort though them to get to the one you want is the SAE grade. This is the piece of information that lets you know how well a given oil will perform in different temperatures.

The number before the “W” shows the oil viscosity at 0 degrees, and the number afterwards is the flow at a temperature of 212 degrees F. So if you live in an area where the climate is lower you should go for something with the first number being reasonably low. And if you live in a particularly hot climate you need to look at the second number as well.

Fully Synthetic Oil, Blend, or Conventional

For a good all around solution that looks after the engines longevity, a synthetic oil mixed with a high grade conventional oil is a safe bet. It will do the job nicely on any modern vehicle and will help keep the engine clean during operation. The price of a synthetic blend is generally less than that of a fully synthetic engine oil, which is another thing worth considering.

Full synthetic oil is usually the most expensive option and has higher performance than the standard OEM options. It also allow the engine to operate more efficiently, thus using less fuel. Since it’s the most expensive option some people do opt for conventional oil instead.

Engine Oil by Vehicle:

In Conclusion

Each manufacturer tends to have recommendations for which oil you should use for specific conditions, for each different engine – the infiniti G35 is no different in this regard. Which one of the oils listed above you should choose depends on your own specific needs, including the conditions in which you will be driving your vehicle.

As choosing the right engine oil for your infiniti g35 is crucially important to ensuring that the engine maintains high performance over a long period of time, you should not make this decision lightly. Hopefully our top 5 list along with the buying guide makes this process a bit easier for you.

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