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The serpentine belt is a type of belt which is responsible for providing power to the various components of a vehicle that make it run. The alternator, the power steering pump, the air pump, and many other crucial components all rely on the serpentine belt.

So as you can see it’s not something to overlook when you’re thinking about the important parts on a vehicle. If it breaks or becomes worn, it could in some cases lead to complete engine failure. Thankfully there’s no shortage of aftermarket serpentine belts available for you, if yours is worn and needs replacing.

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ACDelco 6K930Bando 6PK1305Bando 4PK1890
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I created this guide to help you sift through some of the many options from different brands that are available. Since there are so many different options I had to narrow down my list to only the best serpentine belts. I had to weigh up a lot of different pros and cons to find the options from the best brands that actually offer value for money. There’s something for everyone in this guide, irrespective of what kind of budget you have, or what vehicle you own.

Key Features of a Serpentine Belt to Consider


There’s plenty of options when it comes to choosing the material a serpentine belt is made out of. Not all of them offer the same durability so it’s definitely something worth giving some consideration. In the past, most serpentine belts were constructed using Neoprene, however it’s not the most reliable material, often becoming cracked with time.

Fortunately manufacturers have moved on to using new materials that are more resistant to wear. Currently most companies are using EPDM, also known as Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer. EPDM makes a big difference towards making the belt last longer.


You can refer to the model number on the serpentine belt that comes from the factory in your vehicle, in order to help you find the right size of aftermarket belt. If this isn’t an option because the belt is too worn to read the model number, the easiest solution would be to take the belt out and use a measuring tape. You can always check this kind of information in your cars manual as well, and if you don’t have a copy anymore, one should be available online.


When it comes to the reliability of your serpentine belt, the material it’s made out of is crucial. Ideally the belt should be able to withstand a lot of heat, as heat is one of the main things known to wear the belt out, and over time cause cracks.

Usually a good serpentine belt will last at least 60,000 miles, but some premium brands produce belts that can last 100,000 miles or so. But you need to remember that these figures are not exact, and the reality is that it depends on how you drive your vehicle, and the conditions you’re driving in etc.

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The pattern on the belt also plays an important role in its reliability. Ideally a belt designed to have a long lifespan will have grooves built into it to allow for airflow, thus preventing it from overheating.

Best Serpentine Belt Reviews & Ratings

1. ACDelco 6K930

In the top spot on this list, I have placed the ACDelco 6K930. The number one spot is well earned for this belt, as it’s highly durable and reasonably priced. It’s constructed from EPDM rubber which is significantly less prone to cracking from exposure to heat than other materials used in cheaper and older belts.

The ACDelco 6K930 is said to last 60 percent longer than other comparable belts on the market. It’s constructed in a way so that it is flexible, which means it can be bent this way and that, while still keeping its strength.

This belt fits a huge variety of different vehicles. It also can handle a misalignment much better than other belts out there, so it works regardless, even when it doesn’t fit onto the pulley system perfectly. The grooves on the belt are extremely effective when it comes to transmitting power efficiently throughout the various systems that the serpentine belts provides power to, this ensures that all parts of the vehicle can perform at their peak.

Some customers have complained that this belt can be somewhat difficult to install, however in most cases it should be a breeze, and if not then you should simply contact a mechanic to help you out. Another thing to note is that it’s not compatible with a small number of trucks. Compatibility is always something to keep an eye on, although when you’re talking about engines from well known brands it’s usually not an issue.

2. Bando USA 6PK1305

The Bando 6PK1305 is a high quality OEM belt that is made with quality in mind, ideal for those of you interested in shopping for a belt with the best life span possible. This serpentine belt consists of quality ground rubber ribs measuring 84.1 inches each, which makes it adherent to the OEM specifications. The ground rubber is a strong synthetic type of rubber which is very resistant to cracking and heat damage, so it can easily withstand the tensile forces put on it by high horsepower vehicles.

You’ll likely be appreciative of the fact that it’s one of the belts known to be easier to install. Bando even offers a custom installation package for this belt making the process even smoother. Beyond that you’ll also be happy with the performance of this belt, it should live up to the original ones performance in all aspects.

In terms of drawbacks, the belt can feel a bit on the lighter side. This can be a problem in some instances causing the engines pulley system to slip in some vehicles. Although actual reports of this occurring are quite rare. And also it’s worth noting that obviously this belt is not compatible with every single vehicle, so make sure you take that into consideration.

3. Bando USA 4PK1890

Another great addition to this list from Bando. I though about not including this one at position number 3, as there is already a Bando Serpentine Belt in position one, but Bando are a great brand that’s too hard to ignore. Bando has a great reputation among automotive experts, and they’re also recognized by the major manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and many more. This belt features 74.5 Inch ribs. The rubber is very high quality, and built to not only ensure good performance, but also to last a long time.

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It is more than capable of handling large loads, and huge amounts of horse power, thanks to its EPDM synthetic rubber that it’s composed of. The EPDM rubber is much more resistant to the wear and tear that these belts are likely to face, than other cheaper rubbers that are sometimes used.

All in all I highly recommend this belt, it should do the job nicely. Not only that but it should do it just as well as your original one did. Some customers have reported a squeaking noise being produced by this belt, but most likely that is the result of it being new and not yet worn-in.

4. Continental 4060855

The Continental 4060855 OE Technology Series Multi-V Belt is another very good option that I’ve chosen to put on this list. It comes with a straight rib design for fantastic performance, and it measures in at 85.5 Inches. You can easily use this belt on a variety of vehicles safely, and enjoy high performance with quiet and smooth operation.

Performance isn’t the only thing this serpentine belt has going for it. It’s also impressively durable. It’s made from a high quality rubber material that is designed to fit tightly and resist wear and tear. As part of the process that continental conducts, this belt underwent extensive testing ensuring that it is ideal for safety.

Overall this is a durable serpentine belt from a reputable brand that comes in at a pretty reasonable price. You can rarely go wrong when you opt for a well known brand with a reputation such as Continental.

5. ACDelco Gold K040378HD

Again I’m including an ACDelco serpentine belt on this list. It’s hard to avoid this brand when you’re looking for a good quality belt that ticks all the right boxes. This is a more heavy duty belt than the others on this list so far. It’s also designed with longevity in mind, suited for driving many miles without any issues.

This ACDelco belt is made using special technology that increases its strength. It’s more than capable of withstanding a high amount of horse power from the engine in large vehicles. The belt operates nice and smoothly, not producing any excessive amount of noise while you drive your vehicle.

It fits in a wide variety of vehicles and is known to be quite easy to install. This belt has a four ribbed design and a length of 37.89 inches. Keep in mind that before you make any purchase you should double check that the length is right for your vehicle. Overall this is another decent option, but it is a bit pricey.

6. Dayco 5060878

Last on the list is this serpentine belt by Dayco. Take note, just because it’s landed at number 6 does not mean it’s a bad serpentine belt. It’s made with EPDM rubber which is very durable, and able to resist huge amounts of heat while staying in good condition. It’s also able to cope with high amounts of horse power, so you can be sure that it can keep up with your vehicles engine.

It’s 87.9 inches in length, and has a design featuring six ribs providing excellent performance while allowing for a quiet ride on the road. This belt is another one that is pretty easy to install for most people. Of course, this belt may not fit all makes and models so be sure to look up a chart to help you find the right size.

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Top Serpentine Belt Brands

Bando USA

Bando has over a century of experience in this field, and upholds an excellent reputation for making quality serpentine belts and other OEM products. Reportedly over 80 percent of the top cars in the automotive field use Bando OEM replacement parts. Bando is also known to produce high end products suited for motor sports.


Continental is synonymous with quality in the automotive world. And their serpentine belts are no exception to this, they’re regraded as some of the top options available. I’ve made sure to include a Continental serpentine belt in my list – it would be a shame not too since they’re such a well known brand producing a range of good products. Continental also make a lot of other automotive bits and pieces, from brakes, to electronics and more.


ACDelco has been in the business since 1916, and in that time they’ve built up a good reputation for providing aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for a wide variety of vehicles. Their products typically exceed customer expectations and go beyond the regular industry safety standards.


Dayco is a brand that specializes in creating automotive components of all different sorts. They design and manufacture their products themselves, and have high standards regarding the quality of the products they’re willing to sell. They also manufacture and distribute components for the agriculture industry, although they’re best known for their automotive work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for picking a serpentine belt

How can I know when my vehicles serpentine belt needs replacing?

When the serpentine belt has worn out, or is starting to become worn, there are several giveaway signs that you can look for. A common symptom is that you will hear a squealing or chirping noise when you have the engine running. This noise often indicates that the belt is starting to slip due to being stretched.

Another way you can confirm whether the belt needs changed is by visually inspecting it. Signs you may see upon inspection include cracks, and broken sections of rubber. It’s best to spot these signs early and change the belt before it completely breaks because that could result in engine failure.

How long does a serpentine belt last for?

This depends on the quality of the belt you purchase. Some belts will last for around 50,000 miles of use, where as others can exceed even 100,000 miles. It also depends on the driving conditions, and your driving habits. If you buy a serpentine belt made from EPDM rubber it should have a longer life span than belts made from cheaper materials.

Is it okay to drive with a bad serpentine belt?

If the belt is completely broken then you can’t drive at all as many key features of your car will fail entirely. That’s why it’s so important to get on top of a bad serpentine belt early, so you don’t have any mishaps while you’re on the road. If the belt only has slight damage you can drive on it for a short while, but you should replace it as soon as possible.

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The serpentine belt is a vital part that keeps everything running, it provides power to all of the essential components throughout your vehicle. If it fails then many other flow on problems will occur. So it’s ideal to replace it as soon as you have any indication that it’s time to do so.

After reading through the information I’ve provided in this article you should have a decent idea of which belt is suitable for you. My overall recommendation is the Bando 6PK1305, but be careful to consider your individual vehicles requirements before making a decision.

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