Top 5 Best Serpentine Belts – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Your beloved car is one complicated phenomenon that has endless parts working together to make it run smoothly. To ensure your car functions properly and the power goes to all the critical components, the serpentine belt is your guy. This belt located in the vehicle’s engine is critical as it becomes the driving force for the air pump, alternator, and power steering pump, among other vital parts. The serpentine belt confirms that all the components residing under the hood are in perfect harmony.

Therefore, if this belt breaks down, it leads to complete engine failure. As with all components, the market also brims with many serpentine belt options with so many brands having their unique take on it, so naturally, it can get confusing if you are new to the market. Thus we bring you a list of some of the best serpentine belts reigning supreme and are worth your consideration. Read on to find out about them. We will also give you a buying guide and answer some questions, too.

5 Best Serpentine Belts

1. Bando USA 6PK1305

Being around for many years, Bando has now become a big name in producing serpentine belts, and this model adheres fully to the OEM specifications. 6PK1305 offers outstanding quality cords and comes with a powerful tensile to carry high horsepower without stretching. The unit’s six ribs measure up to 84.1 inches, and it is created from a mold to guarantee the distinct OEM rib profile.
Bando utilizes top-grade rubber to make this belt and comes highly heat-resistant to undergo a tough time.

• Cost-effective
• Long service life
• Top-notch quality
• The belt is light

2. Continental OE Technology Series 4060882

The multi-V belt by Continental is yet another in-demand serpentine belt, which many pro repair technicians recommend. Now that says something about its quality. The belt features superior construction to ensure better durability. Furthermore, it is precision-engineered to secure a perfect fit, function, and form. It offers shear strength plus height strength for enhanced performance.
Its design aims to deal with tension with outstanding efficiency. The best part is that this belt is super easy and quick to install, even if you are not well-versed in such things.

• Exceptional quality
• Good build
• Enables quieter rides
• Pricey

3. Gates K081264HD

Let’s now throw some light on a heavy-duty belt. This belt by Gates is a highly praised and top-quality option that many people love. It comes ready to handle all kinds of situations so that you can rest assured there will be no heating or cracking as it has thick skin.
Made with high-profile elements, which meet OEM principles, it comes with a big load capacity to perform the most challenging applications with ultimate efficiency and precision. It has a V-groove design and can work quietly. The heavy-duty formation is perfect for trucks, and SUVs, etc.

• Solid build
• Good tension
• Highly resistant
• Installation may require a professional

4. ACDelco 6K930

If you are looking for a highly durable serpentine belt, your search has ended because this belt is the one for you. ACDelco 6K930 is a highly reliable serpentine belt owing to its robust construction of EPDM rubber.
It is crack-resistant, dependable, and can last sixty percent longer than all belts. It features a flexible formation to withstand bends without losing any tenacity. This model will not wear out even when running on a super-hot engine and its ribs deliver power efficiently.

• No stretching
• Impressive performance
• Very strong
• The narrow top width can make installation difficult

5. Dayco 5060878

Last on our list is Dayco, which brings a quality belt featuring six ribs, and is highly reliable and super safe. With this belt, you can look forward to excellent engine performance and enjoy a quiet and smooth ride.

Constructed from EPDM rubber, it comes incredibly durable and can resist high horsepower. Rest assured your engine components will all run smoothly. Moreover, this guy is straightforward to install, taking only ten minutes. Once it is on, it will run on for a good while.

• It stands up to heat
• No squealing
• Increases gas mileage
• It might not fit some models


How many years can a serpentine belt last?
Generally, serpentine belts are built to last a good while, but it also depends on your usage. If you are only using the belt under ideal conditions, it should stick around for an average of 60,000- 100,000 miles.

Can my car run without a serpent belt? For how long?
Yes, but only if your battery is healthy. You can expect your car to run for an hour or so without the serpent belt, but it is better to get the best as soon as possible.

How much tension must a serpentine belt have?
The mandatory measure of tension is that it must not deflect more than half an inch when twisted from the middle either way. If it is twisted more, it is loose, and if less, it is too tight. Either situation does not work for your vehicle.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some points for consideration before choosing the serpentine belt.

The belt’s material matters because otherwise, it will not be durable or resistant enough to handle challenging situations. It is better to stick with some very sturdy rubber material.

Your serpentine belt should fit your vehicle. To get the size right, check the part number of the previous serpentine belt or go to the car’s manual. Are both situations not possible? Calculate the belt’s length.

Make Sure it’s Compatible
The most important factor is checking the compatibility because not all belts fit all models. Most manufacturers indicate the vehicle models and types.


The serpentine belt is a critical component of your car and hence requires some good attention and knowledge. Make sure to do your homework before you buy one and see what the market has available. Remember to always stick to trusted and famous brands and never experiment with some unknown company to save some money and risk your car’s system and your safety. We hope the reviews above help you find your perfect serpentine belt fit so you can enjoy a smooth and good ride every time